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Socket & See SOK12 Socket Tester
This quick test socket tester provides instant indication of socket wiring conditions via three bright LEDs.
£17.95 Now £11.95
Socket & See SOK22 Socket Tester
Audible and visible indication of both safe and faulty wiring at socket outlets, capable of detecting up to 13 hazardous conditions.
£18.95 Now £14.95
Socket & See SOK32 Socket Tester
Capable of detecting 17 different wiring faults and comes equipped with a self check function for ongoing accuracy.
£25.00 Now £19.95
Socket & See SOK34 Earth Loop Socket Tester
This professional check plug gives an indication of exactly where the fault lies and is also able to perform an loop test to assess the quality of the earth.
£44.95 Now £29.95
Socket & See SOK36 Loop and RCD Socket Tester
Simply plug into a socket and perform earth loop, operational RCD and a standard polarity test with this advanced check plug.
£49.00 Now £39.95