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Kewtech PAT testers are ideal for both novice and more advanced portable appliance testing engineers, offering intuitive operation and a comprehensive range of electrical safety tests. The entry-level KT71 and KT72 offer manual PAT testing while the KT76 and KT77 are ideal for those with a larger volume of portable appliances to test on a regular basis.


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Kewtech KT71
This popular and simple to use tester allows 230V appliances & IT equipment to be quickly tested according to IEE standards, with test readings clearly displayed.
£625.00 Now £295.00
Kewtech KT72
Battery powered appliance tester offering straightforward Class I, II and IEC Lead testing with a selectable 250V/500V Insulation Test ideal for sensitive IT equipment.
£550.00 Now £275.00
Kewtech Snap Tags
Protect your PAT test labels from dirt, grease and water damage by placing them within the plastic housing offered by these snap tags. Ensure that your labels remain intact.
£54.00 Now £39.00
Kewtech Kewcheck 103 Socket Checker
This simple to use check plug indicates the condition of electrical sockets and can detect up to 14 different faults.
£17.00 Now £13.00
Kewtech Kewcheck 105 Socket Checker
This socket testers ensures that electrical sockets are safe to use by checking for the correct wiring conditions and indicates actual pin positions.
£22.00 Now £17.50
Kewtech Loopcheck 106 Socket Tester
Using both visible and audible indication, this loop socket checker tests for correct wiring along with the condition of the earth.
£45.00 Now £30.00
Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Socket Tester
A multi-purpose check plug that allows users to ensure that sockets are wired safely with a good earth. Also test mains supply polarity and RCDs.
£55.00 Now £37.00
Kewtech KT72 Kit A
All you need to start an efficient in-house testing regime, complete with microwave leakage detector, certificate pad and PAT register book.
£515.00 Now £329.00
Kewtech KT71 Kit A
The perfect KT71 PAT Starter Kit includes all you need to perform electrical safety testing complete with certificate pad & PAT register book for recording results.
£575.00 Now £359.00
Kewtech KT71 Kit C
This KT71 PAT kit is supplied with manual PAT software allowing you to have a more organised and professional appliance testing operation.
£645.00 Now £419.00
Kewtech KT71 Kit B
A great choice for entry-level users whose PAT testing extends to 110V industrial appliances. Complete with a carry case for your PAT tester and accessories.
£605.00 Now £389.00
Kewtech KT71 Kit D
A comprehensive PAT testing kit perfect for entry-level PAT testing of 230V and 110V equipment. Complete with the benefits of PAT test result software.
£675.00 Now £449.00
Kewtech KT72 Kit B
Get started testing both 230V and 110V electrical equipment with this great value KT72 kit. A versatile kit for low volume safety testing.
£550.00 Now £359.00
Kewtech KT72 Kit C
Perform PAT testing and then store, manage and report test results using the supplied SimplyPATs manual software program.
£595.00 Now £379.00
Kewtech KT72 Kit D
With this kit you will be fully equipped for 230V & 110V electrical safety testing and have manual entry software for creating reports.
£625.00 Now £399.00