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Metrel PAT Testers offer a wide range of testers suitable for all budgets, levels of experience and volumes of appliances. The Metrel GammaPAT Lite and Pro are high speed testers perfect for intermediate users with memory storage and download functionality. The more advanced BetaPAT and OmegaPAT testers provide dual voltage testing for use in industrial environments.


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Metrel GammaPAT Lite
This fast and efficient tester offers auto test sequences and a built-in PAT checkbox, ideal for electrical contractors and maintenance engineers.
£520.00 Now £315.00
Metrel GammaPAT Pro
A downloadable tester with onboard memory and a built-in calibration checkbox. Supplied with PATLink Pro software for results storage and creating PAT certificates.
£625.00 Now £395.00
Metrel BetaPAT Plus
A high speed PAT machine for testing 230V & 110V appliances and portable RCDs, plus store results and download using supplied software.
£1410.00 Now £975.00
Metrel OmegaPAT Plus
A comprehensive unit offering dual voltage operation, results storage & download with supplied PATLink Pro software and flash testing.
£1681.00 Now £1165.00
Metrel SigmaPAT
Combined advantages of battery & mains powered testing, built-in checkbox and unique RCD testing technology make this a versatile PAT tester.
£1105.00 Now £749.00
Metrel A1276K Label Roll
Print off up to 250 portable appliance tester labels per roll with the Metrel A1276k printer. Complete with unique appliance ID number and barcode.
£18.00 Now £14.00
Metrel Portable Appliance Testing DVD
This PAT training DVD provides advice and guidance on how to perform electrical safety testing with added information on IEE regulations.
£39.95 Now £24.95
Metrel DeltaPAT
Combined benefits of mains & battery powered testing with additional inputs for testing fixed appliances. Complete with PAT certification software.
£868.00 Now £569.00
Metrel GammaPAT Lite Kit A
This reliable PAT testing starter kit is ideal for both novice and more advanced users looking to get their appliance testing operation off the ground.
£495.00 Now £349.00
Metrel GammaPAT Lite Kit B
Perform portable appliance testing in shops, schools, colleges, offices and on 110V equipment with this GammaPAT Lite PAT kit. With a built in checkbox to ensure accuracy.
£570.00 Now £379.00
Metrel SigmaPAT Kit A
This SigmaPAT starter kit allows you to start PAT testing straight away and is supplied with barcode scanner and PATLink Pro software for efficient testing.
£1347.00 Now £829.00
Metrel SigmaPAT Kit B
This advanced software kit takes full advantage of the SigmaPAT's powerful onboard memory, allowing up to 6000 PAT tests to be stored & downloaded.
£1421.00 Now £989.00
Metrel GammaPAT Pro Kit A
Start a professional PAT testing regime with the GammaPAT Pro and accessories included in this great starter kit. Inspect, test and report your findings.
£655.00 Now £449.00
Metrel GammaPAT Pro Kit B
Quickly identify previously tested appliances using the barcode scanner and produce professional reports with PATLink Pro software.
£745.00 Now £549.00
Metrel BetaPAT Plus Kit A
Speed and accuracy are guaranteed with this BetaPAT Plus starter kit, complete with barcode scanner for a simpler re-testing process.
£1439.00 Now £999.00
Metrel BetaPAT Plus Kit B
Ideal for high volume PAT testing of both 110V & 230V appliances, this kit offers PATLink Pro Plus software for extended database & reporting abilities.
£1698.00 Now £1215.00
Metrel DeltaPAT Kit A
Fully equipped for large volumes of appliances and further supported with PAT testing software for creating professional electrical certificates.
£1069.00 Now £649.00
Metrel DeltaPAT Kit B
Complete with a barcode scanner this kit streamlines your PAT testing process making it easier to keep track of tested appliances.
£1495.00 Now £999.00
Metrel OmegaPAT Plus Kit A
Complete with a barcode scanner, PAT adaptors & labels this starter kit has everything to get your PAT testing operation off the ground.
£1620.00 Now £1229.00
Metrel OmegaPAT Plus Kit B
Perfect PAT kit for testing electrical appliances in workshops & hire shops, with PATLink Pro Plus software for advanced results management & reporting.
£1869.00 Now £1399.00
Metrel A1322 Active 3-Phase Adaptor
Professional 3 Phase PAT testing, 3 Phase RCD testing & Differential Earth Leakage Adaptor for use with Metrel Testers
£1742.00 Now £1199.00
Metrel DeltaPAT Bluetooth Kit
Bluetooth PAT testing kit, with PATLink app for activating test procedures and simultaneously entering appliance data.
£890.00 Now £579.00
Metrel GammaPAT Pro Bluetooth Kit
Bluetooth PAT testing kit, with PATLink app for activating test procedures and simultaneously entering appliance data.
£689.00 Now £499.00
Metrel DeltaPAT Kit C
Connect your android device to the DeltaPAT and input test data, fill out risk assessments, start test procedures and print labels.
£1495.00 Now £799.00
Metrel GammaPAT Pro Kit C
Complete with the PATLink App, this kit allows users to perform PAT tests and print labels wirelessly from an android device.
£1297.00 Now £849.00