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The Transmille PAT Testers are the only battery powered portable appliance testers on the market capable of performing 10A and 25A earth bond testing. The Transmille 6080 is an advanced dual voltage tester perfect for industrial applications and comes complete with memory storage and download, while the 6080 plus builds on this to provide upload functionality.


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Transmille 5080
Battery powered tester offering simple operation for ideal for beginners, with added benefits of memory storage and download capability.
£549.00 Now £429.00
Transmille 6080
Advanced battery powered machine with advantages of dual voltage testing, onboard memory storage & results download complete with a built-in self check function.
£749.00 Now £565.00
Transmille 6080 Plus
Downloadable tester with upload facility and extended functionality for efficient safety testing of domestic, commercial and industrial appliances.
£899.00 Now £645.00
Transmille PRO DRS
Get the most from your Transmille PAT tester by using this software program to download PAT test data that can be imported into certificates for printing.
£149.00 Now £145.00
Transmille 5080 Kit A
A simple and effective PAT testing starter kit complete with microwave leakage testing, perfect for novice and intermediate users.
£625.00 Now £459.00
Transmille 5080 Kit B
A lightweight PAT testing kit perfect for appliance testing at numerous locations, complete with results management software for reporting.
£795.00 Now £569.00
Transmille 6080 Kit A
Complete with everything required for PAT testing both 230V and 110V equipment, this kit is perfect for intermediate and more advanced users.
£825.00 Now £599.00
Transmille 6080 Kit B
Extended, dual voltage appliance testing complete with Transmille Pro DRS software for analysing and reporting PAT test results.
£965.00 Now £719.00
Transmille 6080 Kit C
The perfect Transmille 6080 PAT kit with advanced software for higher volume users looking to provide a professional PAT testing service.
£1115.00 Now £829.00