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Megger PAT Testers offer a sophisticated line of electrical safety testing instruments with proven performance in the field of portable appliance testing. The Megger PAT320 and PAT350 are reliable, dual voltage PAT testers capable of automatically testing appliances at the touch of a button. The more advanced Megger PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450 are a downloadable range of Megger testers offering full database functionality and high speed PAT testing.


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Megger PAT320
An intuitive PAT tester that performs all electrical tests on both 230V & 110V appliances at the touch of a button, offering high productivity & speedy testing.
£935.00 Now £550.00
Megger PAT350
High speed, dual voltage tester with flash testing, ideal for tool hire and service companies. Manual & automatic test modes make for outstanding productivity.
£1135.00 Now £679.00
Megger PAT410
Test electrical equipment according to IEE standards, complete with huge onboard memory & download functionality. Optimised for regular, high volume testing.
£1219.00 Now £750.00
Megger PAT420
Dual voltage tester offering productive and efficient appliance testing for both commercial & industrial environments. Ideal for professional contractors.
£1395.00 Now £845.00
Megger PAT450
Test a wide range of electrical appliances for safety, store results for download & configure your own test sequences. With 1.5kV and 3kV flash tests and dual voltage operation.
£1505.00 Now £910.00
Megger Powersuite Pro-Lite
Entry-level PAT software that allows test data to be downloaded, organised and imported into professional looking PAT certificates for clients.
£265.00 Now £189.00
Megger Powersuite Professional Contractor
Offering full database and reporting functions, this powerful program also provides client & asset management as well as scheduling and equipment maintenance facilities.
£525.00 Now £369.00
Megger Barcode Scanner
For use with a Megger PAT410, PAT420 or PAT450, this barcode label scanner allows appliances to be quickly recognised and re-tested. Ideal for faster, more accurate testing.
£285.00 Now £139.00
Megger PAT Label Printer
Designed for use with a Megger PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450, this barcode label printer produces Pass/Fail labels complete with a unique appliance ID.
£215.00 Now £120.00
Megger PAT Label Cartridge
For use with the Megger PAT Label printer, these refill cartridges will produce up to 150 barcode labels with all relevant appliance and PAT test information.
£18.00 Now £12.00
Megger MST210 Socket Tester
This rugged and reliable check plug is capable of identifying 17 faults with the wiring of electrical sockets.
£15.90 Now £14.50
Megger PAT320 Kit A
Get started testing with this intuitive PAT320 kit, enabling dual voltage testing and PAT certification in compliance with the IEE Code of Practice.
£660.00 Now £605.00
Megger PAT320 Kit B
A great PAT testing starter kit enabling extended electrical safety testing and microwave leakage testing complete with PAT certificates & register book.
£690.00 Now £635.00
Megger PAT320 Kit C
A highly productive PAT tester complete with results management and certification software enable a well organised and speedy PAT testing regime.
£715.00 Now £655.00
Megger PAT320 Kit D
Comprehensive PAT testing kit suitable for users who PAT test in a range of environments on a regular basis. Supported with software for certification.
£765.00 Now £695.00
Megger PAT350 Kit A
The ideal PAT350 starter kit complete with a full selection of PAT adaptors, Pass/Fail labels and certificate pads for IEE compliant testing.
£1209.00 Now £709.00
Megger PAT350 Kit B
An extended PAT350 starter kit with added components enabling microwave emission levels to be tested as an important part of the PAT testing process.
£1249.00 Now £729.00
Megger PAT350 Kit C
This PAT350 kit includes PAT software for results storage and certification. Perfect for frequent appliance testing in both commercial & industrial sites.
£1289.00 Now £749.00
Megger PAT350 Kit D
A full featured PAT350 kit ideal for larger volumes of 230V and 110V appliances with software for producing professional reports and logging results.
£1339.00 Now £779.00
Megger PAT410 Kit A
High speed PAT testing kit supplied with Powersuite Lite software for results management that takes advantage of the vast PAT410 onboard memory.
£1450.00 Now £919.00
Megger PAT410 Kit B
The ideal kit for printing your own PAT labels and using a barcode scanner for quick recognition of previously tested appliances.
£1650.00 Now £929.00
Megger PAT410 Kit C
Take full advantage of the PAT410 onboard memory with Powersuite Contractor software, offering full database and reporting functions.
£1795.00 Now £1049.00
Megger PAT410 Kit D
Test a range of appliances, print PAT labels onsite, download results and produce professional PAT test reports all with this one fantastic kit.
£1995.00 Now £1099.00
Megger PAT410 Kit E
The ultimate PAT410 kit will provide professional contractors with everything needed for self-sufficient portable appliance testing in domestic & commercial environments.
£2250.00 Now £1199.00
Megger PAT450 Kit A
Download PAT test results from your PAT450 using the software in this kit for trending, traceability and reporting your findings.
£1688.00 Now £1069.00
Megger PAT450 Kit B
This kit allows users to produce their own barcoded appliance labels complete with Pass/Fail indication. Ideal for keeping track of large numbers of appliances.
£1948.00 Now £1079.00
Megger PAT450 Kit C
Professional contractor software kit offers extended database, analysis and reporting capabilities, taking full advantage of the PAT450's onboard memory.
£2034.00 Now £1199.00
Megger PAT450 Kit D
This is the ideal kit for PAT testing in a range of environments, complete with everything needed for a full day of testing and reporting.
£2224.00 Now £1249.00
Megger PAT450 Kit E
Top of the range solution for professional PAT testers looking for an efficient & reliable machine capable of keeping track of vast numbers of appliances.
£2468.00 Now £1349.00
Megger PAT420 Kit A
This PAT420 printer & barcode scanner kit simplifies appliance identification and recognition when portable appliance testing in the field.
£1525.00 Now £999.00
Megger PAT420 Kit B
With added software this kit provides high volume users with everything needed to keep a record of appliances & produce electrical certificates.
£1695.00 Now £1169.00
Megger PAT420 Kit C
Extensive PAT testing of both 230V and 110V equipment complete with advanced contractor software for full database & reporting of results.
£1915.00 Now £1299.00
Megger Label Printer Cartridge TZE251
Printer tape cartridge for the Megger PAT barcode label printer 1001-046. This tape cassette contains enough for about 150 PAT labels including bar codes.
£29.00 Now £19.95
Megger PAT120 Portable Appliance Tester
Portable and battery powered with pass fail indication, insulation testing and leakage testing. Ideal for class I, class II items and extension leads
£429.00 Now £289.00
Megger PAT150 Portable Appliance Tester
Pass fail indication, insulation and leakage testing, perfect for class I, class II items and portable RCD.
£555.00 Now £399.00
Megger PAT150R Rechargable PAT Tester
Rechargeable version of the Megger PAT150, with Pass/Fail indication, insulation and leakage testing, ideal for class I, class II items & portable RCD.
£595.00 Now £439.00