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A basic PAT checker offering rapid testing and indication of an appliance's safety. Great for in-house PAT testing on low volumes of electrical equipment.
£319.99 Now £185.00
A great PAT starter kit offering quick and simple testing of portable appliances found in homes, shops and offices including IEC & extension leads.
£395.00 Now £229.00
BattPAT Kit B
Ideal PAT testing kit for straightforward appliance testing of UK office equipment and domestic appliances. Great value kit for PAT testing beginners.
£475.00 Now £259.00
BattPAT Kit C
Extend the range of appliances you test to industrial equipment with this 110V PAT testing kit. Complete with a range of PAT labels suitable for harsh environments.
£515.00 Now £289.00
BattPAT Kit D
Simple, battery powered PAT tester kit with added benefits of manual entry software for improved organisation and reporting functionality.
£555.00 Now £319.00
SimplePAT Testing Kit A
Simple PAT tester kit offering easy operation for novice PAT testers. Suitable for use on all UK office equipment and domestic appliances.
£395.00 Now £229.00
SimplePAT Testing Kit B
Great value PAT testing kit perfectly suited to entry level PAT testers performing low volume safety testing around the home and office.
£475.00 Now £259.00
SimplePAT Testing Kit C
Versatile PAT testing kit allowing quick and simple testing of both 230V and 110V equipment. Perfect for beginners testing in industrial environments.
£515.00 Now £289.00
SimplePAT Testing Kit D
Comprehensive, simplePAT testing kit with SimplyPATs manual software for record management and producing your own professional PAT certificates.
£555.00 Now £319.00
Compact, battery powered tester complete with results display and onboard storage of 2000 test records with download facility.
£345.00 Now £279.00