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Here at Portable Appliance Testers we pride ourselves on meeting all our customer's needs by offering a range of high quality PAT Testers for hire. We have PAT Testers available for both short and long term hire so that you only pay for the unit for the time that you require it, an ideal option if you have a one off job to carry out but don't want the costs of buying a brand new PAT Testing Kit.

An additional benefit of choosing to hire a PAT Tester is that you are able to "try before you buy" and get a hands-on feel for the unit that you are interested in, allowing you to make an informed decision on the most suitable PAT Tester for your desired application. Whether you are performing a large or small PAT Testing job we have the perfect PAT Tester avaliable for hire. If you have any questions please feel free to call one of our experianced sales team for impartial advice: 0113 248 9966

Hire Seaward Europa Plus

Hire - Seaward Europa Plus PAT Tester
Only £59 a week*

Another popular PAT tester to hire! Seawards compact Europa Plus has all the testing features of the "Supernova Plus" apart from flash testing and load/run testing on 110 Volt appliances. Ideal for appliance testing in office environments. The Europa Plus can test all types of sensitive office electrical appliances including printer/PC type IEC leads. Our most popular hire PAT tester!

Hire Seaward Supernova Plus PAT Tester

Rent - Seaward Supernova Plus PAT Tester
Only £69 a week*

Seawards top of the range dual voltage tester with qwerty keyboard, flash testing and test result storage for hire. Tests 240 Volt & 110 Volt, Class I and II electrical appliances including load tests, as well as sensitive IT, business equipment and IEC leads. The Seaward Super Nova is the most comprehensive PAT tester available to hire. A great all rounder an ideal tester to hire for electrical appliance safety testing on larger industrial sites.

Hire Seaward Primetest 100

Hire - Seaward Primetest 100 PAT Tester 
Only £59 a week

The Seaward Primetest 100 tester is ideal for anyone new to PAT Testing. This simple 3 button PAT Tester couldn't be easier to use just assess the class of equipment you would like to test then push the appropriate button!!! The results will be clearly shown on it's bright display.

Hire Seaward Primetest 300

Hire - Seaward Primetest 300 PAT Tester
Only £69 a week*

The Seaward Primetest 300 tester has built in Bluetooth technology so when downloading test results you do not need to connect any cables! The Seaward Primetest 300 can be set to Novice or Expert mode, with on screen help available for the novice user. 

Hire Seaward Primetest 300

 Hire - Seaward Primetest 350 Plus PAT Tester 
Only £79 a week*

The Primetest 350 is an advanced portable appliance tester that has a data logging feature for the storage of asset ID, location and test results that can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis and traceability using the latest PAT testing software.

Hire Metrel GammaPAT

 Rent - Metrel GammaPAT Portable Appliance Tester 
Only £59 a week* 

The GammaPAT is a fast and efficient tester that offers auto test sequences and a built-in PAT checkbox, ideal for electrical contractors and maintenance engineers. The GammaPAT can be operated in Simple Mode with users selecting to test Class I, Class II and IEC/Extension Leads or in Auto Mode which requires more appliance information, useful for calculation of resistance within longer leads.

Hire Fluke 6200 PAT Tester

 Hire - Fluke 6200 Portable Appliance Tester 
Only £59 a week

Hire the simple to use Fluke 6200 PAT tester. This portable appliance tester can carry out the following tests: earth bond tests, insulation tests, load and leakage tests, touch current tests and has a built in IEC lead test facility. Tests all types of 240 Volt electrical appliances.

Rent Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester

Hire - Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester
Only £59 a week

The Kewtech KT71 Mains Powered PAT Tester is a very popular handheld PAT Tester from Kewtech. This portable Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester could not be easier to use, it's lightweight and handheld for one hand operation. Use the simple rotary select switch to select the type of appliance you want to test. Then the automatic test sequences tests the electrical appliance and displays the PAT test results on the large display or illuminated  green or red LED'S 

Rent Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester

Hire - Seaward Apollo 600 PAT Tester
Only £69 a week

The Seaward Apollo 600 incorporates risk assessment tools alongside top of the range PAT Testing capabilities, enabling the user to comply with the 4th Edition of the IET Code of Practice and the latest guidance from the HSE. With a fully comprehensive array of tests the Apollo 600 can ensure electrical safety of all 230V and IT equipment along with basic testing for 110V appliances. It can even test 3-phase equipment and point to point testing of fixed appliances.

Rent Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester

Hire - Seaward Test N Tage Elite  1 Printer
Only £39 a week

A robust battery powered mobile printer that boasts a long battery life and high impact resistance. Suitable for durable synthetic labels, the Test N Tag Elite is ideal for use in the field, whatever the environment. Compatible with Seaward Apollo, Primetest, Supernova and Europa PAT testers. Supplied with 180 free labels.


Download Service: (*Optional Extra £19)
PAT testing software can be a high expense and troublesome to set up when hiring a PAT tester, we can now offer to do it for you. 
Upon receiving the hired PAT Tester back at our premises we will download your test results, then email the results to yourself within 2 working days .The format your results arrive in is up to you, Word.doc, Excel.xls, PDF.pdf, HTML.htm,Tiff.tif or Text.txt.
To request this service just let us know when you hire the downloadable tester or call us before you send the tester back. There is also a form within the tester documentation, fill it in, relax, and leave the rest to us.
Prices excludes delivery carriage @ £10  
At the end of hire return the tester to us (not included) or we can arrange to collect it for £25 (All Prices exclude VAT)