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Intermediate PAT Testers

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Fluke 6200
High speed PAT testing machine that performs all required tests for in service 230V electrical appliances. Results and Pass/Fail indication are clearly displayed.
£769.00 Now £495.00
Martindale EasyPAT 1600
This dual voltage tester offers simple operation so PAT engineers can quickly perform tests in both domestic and industrial environments.
£516.00 Now £395.00
Martindale EasyPAT 2100
A high speed PAT machine for productive appliance testing of 230V and 110V equipment with an added flash test, ideal for production lines and repair shops.
£728.00 Now £525.00
Martindale MicroPAT +
A downloadable electrical safety tester offering a full compliment of appliance tests, memory storage and connections for barcode scanners & PAT label printers.
£899.00 Now £589.00
Megger PAT150 Portable Appliance Tester
Pass fail indication, insulation and leakage testing, perfect for class I, class II items and portable RCD.
£555.00 Now £399.00
Megger PAT150R Rechargable PAT Tester
Rechargeable version of the Megger PAT150, with Pass/Fail indication, insulation and leakage testing, ideal for class I, class II items & portable RCD.
£595.00 Now £439.00
Megger PAT320
An intuitive PAT tester that performs all electrical tests on both 230V & 110V appliances at the touch of a button, offering high productivity & speedy testing.
£935.00 Now £550.00
Megger PAT350
High speed, dual voltage tester with flash testing, ideal for tool hire and service companies. Manual & automatic test modes make for outstanding productivity.
£1135.00 Now £679.00
Metrel DeltaPAT
Combined benefits of mains & battery powered testing with additional inputs for testing fixed appliances. Complete with PAT certification software.
£868.00 Now £569.00
Metrel GammaPAT Lite
This fast and efficient tester offers auto test sequences and a built-in PAT checkbox, ideal for electrical contractors and maintenance engineers.
£520.00 Now £315.00
Metrel GammaPAT Pro
A downloadable tester with onboard memory and a built-in calibration checkbox. Supplied with PATLink Pro software for results storage and creating PAT certificates.
£625.00 Now £395.00
Seaward Apollo 400 PAT Tester
For straight-forward PAT testing, storage of up to 2000 appliance records and 25 inbuilt auto sequence test, look no further than the Seaward Apollo 400 PAT Tester.
£525.00 Now
Seaward Primetest 250
This handheld portable appliance tester performs all tests to fully comply with IEE Code of Practice, including RCD testing and the ability to test 3-phase industrial equipment.
£618.00 Now £349.00
Seaward Primetest 250 PLUS PAT Tester
The Seaward Primetest 250 + is an easy to use battery powered PAT Tester capable of a performing a comprehensive list of tests.
£669.00 Now £399.00
Transmille 5080
Battery powered tester offering simple operation for ideal for beginners, with added benefits of memory storage and download capability.
£549.00 Now £429.00
Transmille 6080
Advanced battery powered machine with advantages of dual voltage testing, onboard memory storage & results download complete with a built-in self check function.
£749.00 Now £565.00
Transmille 6080 Plus
Downloadable tester with upload facility and extended functionality for efficient safety testing of domestic, commercial and industrial appliances.
£899.00 Now £645.00