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Seaward Apollo 600

"The All-in-One Solution For Health & Safety Management at Work"

The Seaward Apollo 600 represents the latest development in health and safety management by incorporating risk assessment tools alongside the capabilities you would expect from a top of the range PAT Tester, thus enabling the user to comply with the 4th Edition of the IET Code of Practice and the latest guidance from the HSE.

Offering a fully comprehensive array of tests, including earth leakage, touch current and RCD trip time, the Apollo 600 can ensure electrical safety of all 230V and IT equipment along with basic testing for 110V appliances. The Seaward Apollo 600 can even test 3-phase equipment and point to point testing of fixed appliances. The unit can also be used when plugged in to recharge the batteries, while data transfer is possible to smart phones, tablets and PCs via additional software.

To further enhance the PAT testing process, the Seaward Apollo has a built-in risk assessment tool based on the latest IET Code of Practice which allows users to calculate individual re-test dates based on the risk associated with using each appliance. This innovative and unique feature provides users with the means to accurately schedule and manage the electrical safety procedures within their workplace. This also prevents unnecessary or overzealous testing. 

The inclusion of a built-in digital camera means that images can be taken and stored directly on your tester linking the image with the test results, appliance data and risk assessments, offering full traceability. 

The Apollo 600 can store up to 2000 images that can be tagged to assets and up to 50,000 test records. No other tester on the market provides such a thorough method of documenting each stage of the safety management process and boasts such a massive storage capability.

Completing this all-in-one health and safety solution is the universal risk assessment tool which allows any potential hazards within the workplace to be recorded along with risk scores and the planning of corrective actions should any problems arise. Built-in test and inspection reports cover such assessments as fire alarm systems and emergency lighting checks, with the option to add more reports as and when they are required.

The Seaward Apollo 600 is compatible with the new Seaward PATGuard 3 software allowing users to keep track of test history and produce detailed risk assessment reports and PAT certificates. Furthermore, accessories including a Seaward Bluetooth scanner and Seaward Test n’ Tag Elite printer are available to speed up the process of asset recognition and labelling.

Supplied with

  • FREE Seaward PATGuard Elite 3 - 1 Year Subscription
  • Apollo Checkbox
  • 2 x Test Leads and Probes with Crocodile Clips
  • 0.5m IEC Lead
  • 110V Appliance Adaptor 
  • Mains Power Lead
  • USB Download Cable
  • 30 Day Free Trial of PATGuard 3 Software
  • Quick start Guide
  • Carry Case

  • Earth Continuity
  • Test Current: +/- 200mA DC 
  • Display Range: 0.01 – 19.99Ω
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Test Voltage: 500V / 250V DC @ 1mA nominal
  • Display Range: 0.01MΩ - 19.99MΩ
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • IEC Lead Test
  • Test voltage: 5V AC nominal
  • Test: Live / Neutral Checks for o/c, s/c and crossed
  • Protective Conductor Current/Load
  • Test Voltage: Supply voltage, maximum load current 16A 
  • Display Ranges: 0.01mA to 19.99mA 
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Touch Current
  • Test Voltage: Supply Voltage, maximum load current 16A
  • Display Range: 0.00 – 3.50mA 
  • Pass Value: User defined
  • Load Power/Current 
  • Test Voltage: 230V +10%, -15%, maximum load current 16A
  • Test Duration: Programmable up to a maximum of 255s depending on load
  • Display Range: 0.00kVA – 4.00kVA, 0.00A – 16.00A
  • Alternative Leakage Current
  • Test Voltages: >25Vac <50Vac 
  • Display Range: 0.00mA to 19.99mA
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • RCD Test
  • Test Voltage: 230V +10%, -15%
  • Test Current: 15mA / 30mA rms sinusoidal
  • Display Range: 0ms - 2000ms
  • Test method: Internal isolation to avoid tripping distribution board RCD
  • Power Socket Test
  • Voltage Range: 207V – 253Vac
  • Indicates configuration of voltage potential: Line potential phase to earth, Line potential phase to neutral, Line potential neutral to earth
  • General
  • Memory size: 50,000 records & 2000 photos
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Dimensions: 230mm x 150mm x 100mm
  • Power Source: Mains or rechargeable battery pack

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