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200 Pass Labels
Roll of 200 Pass Labels for fixing to electrical appliances that have passed a PAT test and are therefore safe to use. Provides space to mark the fuse rating for future reference.
£12.50 Now £7.95
500 Pass Labels
Roll of 500 Pass Labels for fixing to electrical appliances that have passed a PAT test and are therefore safe to use. Provides space to mark the fuse rating for future reference.
£25.00 Now £19.00
Celtek TX2000 Microwave Leakage Monitor
A highly accurate, professional microwave emission tester for detecting microwave radiation. Supplied with a calibration certificate.
£295.00 Now £215.00
Earth Bond Test Lead
This replacement earth bond test lead is compatible with a range of PAT testers from manufacturers including Metrel, Martindale, Kewtech and Seaward.
£35.00 Now £17.00
IET Code of Practice - 4th Edition
PAT testing publication for Duty Holders, Managers and PAT Testers who do the inspection & testing of electrical appliances.
£55.00 Now £45.00
Kewtech Kewcheck 103 Socket Checker
This simple to use check plug indicates the condition of electrical sockets and can detect up to 14 different faults.
£17.00 Now £13.00
Kewtech Kewcheck 105 Socket Checker
This socket testers ensures that electrical sockets are safe to use by checking for the correct wiring conditions and indicates actual pin positions.
£22.00 Now £17.50
Kewtech Loopcheck 106 Socket Tester
Using both visible and audible indication, this loop socket checker tests for correct wiring along with the condition of the earth.
£45.00 Now £30.00
Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Socket Tester
A multi-purpose check plug that allows users to ensure that sockets are wired safely with a good earth. Also test mains supply polarity and RCDs.
£55.00 Now £37.00
Martindale BZ101 Check Plug
Visual and audible indication of 28 different faults make this an ideal check plug for testing awkwardly placed sockets.
£19.95 Now £15.00
Martindale CP201 250V Industrial Check Plug
Simply plug into a socket outlet and this 250V check plug will instantly check for correct wiring in factory and industrial environments.
£39.00 Now £35.00
Martindale CP301 110V Industrial Check Plug
This 110V socket tester is perfect for detecting wiring faults in socket outlets in factories and construction sites.
£41.00 Now £36.95
Martindale CP501 Check Plug
One of the fastest ways of testing for safe wiring of plug sockets with bright neon light indication of any detected faults.
£16.50 Now £12.50
Martindale EZ150 Socket Tester
A revolutionary socket checker complete with earth loop test, voltage and wiring checks for thorough socket safety testing.
£55.50 Now £42.00
Martindale TEK500 Microwave Emission Kit
This microwave tester allows emission levels to be quickly measured and can check to ensure the microwave is heating correctly. Complete with a self-test function.
£165.00 Now £125.00
Megger MST210 Socket Tester
This rugged and reliable check plug is capable of identifying 17 faults with the wiring of electrical sockets.
£15.90 Now £14.50
Metrel Portable Appliance Testing DVD
This PAT training DVD provides advice and guidance on how to perform electrical safety testing with added information on IEE regulations.
£39.95 Now £24.95
Microwave Leakage Detector
Quickly and accurately test microwave emission levels in a range of domestic and commercial environments. An important part of the PAT test process.
£99.95 Now £59.95
PAT Certificate Pad
These IEE compliant certificates are perfect for users of manual PAT tester. Allowing appliance descriptions, test results and outcomes to be recorded.
£19.95 Now £9.95
PAT Register Book
A handy PAT log book for recording electrical appliances and their test results.
£12.00 Now £7.95
Portable Appliance Testing Accessory Kit 1
A great starter accessory bundle that provides PAT certificate pads, labels and an IEC Cloveleaf adaptor. This is the perfect kit for in-house PAT testing.
£98.95 Now £45.00
Portable Appliance Testing Accessory Kit 2
With these additional accessories you can extend your PAT testing capabiulites to 110V industrial equipment using your 230V appliance tester.
£161.85 Now £75.00
Portable Appliance Testing Accessory Kit 3
The ideal PAT accessory set for engineers and electricans who use a manual tester to check 110V industrial equipment and also test microwave ovens for emission levels.
£243.00 Now £125.00
Seaward Earth Bond Test Lead
This replacement earth bond test lead is compatible with a Seaward Europa and Supernova PAT tester.
£21.00 Now £17.00
Seaward PAT Checkbox
The ideal PAT accessory for checking the correct operation of a Seaward appliance tester inbetween annual calibrations. Recommended by the IEE Code of Practice.
£212.00 Now £179.00
Seaward PAT Training Course DVD
Featuring explanations of key PAT testing principles, electrical safety tests and legislation this PAT training DVD is ideal for learning to PAT test at your own pace.
£99.00 Now £55.00
Socket & See SOK12 Socket Tester
This quick test socket tester provides instant indication of socket wiring conditions via three bright LEDs.
£17.95 Now £11.95
Socket & See SOK22 Socket Tester
Audible and visible indication of both safe and faulty wiring at socket outlets, capable of detecting up to 13 hazardous conditions.
£18.95 Now £14.95
Socket & See SOK32 Socket Tester
Capable of detecting 17 different wiring faults and comes equipped with a self check function for ongoing accuracy.
£25.00 Now £19.95
Socket & See SOK34 Earth Loop Socket Tester
This professional check plug gives an indication of exactly where the fault lies and is also able to perform an loop test to assess the quality of the earth.
£44.95 Now £29.95
Socket & See SOK36 Loop and RCD Socket Tester
Simply plug into a socket and perform earth loop, operational RCD and a standard polarity test with this advanced check plug.
£49.00 Now £39.95