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About PAT Tester Kits

Buying a PAT Tester Kit is often the best way of making the most out of your PAT tester. Not only do they provide much better value than buying a tester and then individual PAT accessories they also supply the user with all the regular paraphernalia needed to carry out PAT tests. We stock official manufacturer’s kits from companies like Seaward and Megger whilst also providing our own kits to best meet the needs of every customer.

Our kits always feature pass and fail labels whilst a PAT register book or manual software is provided for non-downloadable testers. Downloadable PAT tester kits will typically feature manufacturer’s software like Metrel PATLink Pro Plus or Seaward PATGuard 3 Elite. All of this allows the user to keep an accurate test result record for later analysis and reporting.

In order to improve the versatility of the user’s PAT tester, 110V adaptors for both appliances and extension leads are often included. Some testers, the Megger PAT320 and Martindale EasyPAT 2100 for example, already have 110V sockets inbuilt so do not require adaptors.

Rolls of pass and fail labels are included in every PAT tester kit whilst extra PAT labels specifically designed for outdoor use and cables are also available. Several PAT testers work with printers such as the Seaward Test n Tag range or the Megger PAT400 which are included in kits alongside customisable labels. stocks kits that feature microwave leakage detectors and socket testers from a range of manufacturers including Fluke, Megger, HandyMAN and Martindale. These instruments are handy accessories when performing PAT testing in commercial environments.

For more information on the testers, kits and accessories available at, please use the contact us page or call 0113 248 9966.