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About PAT Testers

At, we stock a wide range of standalone PAT testers which range from basic models such as the BATTPAT from First Stop Safety right the way through to extremely advanced instruments like the Seaward Apollo 600. The high level of choice can be easily navigated using the simple filtering above.

For those performing low-volume PAT testing, for example a responsible member of staff in an office environment, a non-downloadable tester like a Kewtech KT71, Seaward Primetest 100 or Megger PAT120 is an ideal low-cost solution. These testers perform all tests required for Class I and Class II appliances, power cords and extension leads and are ideal for novices thanks to their self-explanatory operation. A PAC Checker is also an option but these provide only a PASS/FAIL indication meaning they are unsuitable for testing longer extension leads.

Downloadable PAT testers such as the Fluke 6500-2, Metrel DeltaPAT and Martindale EasyPAT 1600 tend to be a better solution for those with larger workloads as they allow the user to make a downloadable digital record of all test results. This streamlines the testing procedure and cuts down on the amount of paperwork associated with appliance testing.

Finally, highly advanced testers like the Metrel OmegaPAT Plus, Megger PAT450 and Apollo 600 are the best option for PAT testing professionals. These testers feature advanced functions like flash testing, high current earth bond testing, and 110V inbuilt sockets which allow the user to test all manner of different electrical appliances.

If you have any questions about our PAT tester range, do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact us page or call us on 0113 248 9966.